It is with great joy that we welcome each Denver Christian School family to the 2018 – 2019 school year. We look forward to this year being a time of growth for your child’s faith, their relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as their knowledge. We look forward to partnering with the DCS administrative team, the faculty and staff as we walk alongside each student at DCS. We will work hard to strengthen that partnership throughout the school year.

One of the ways we will strengthen our partnership with each one of you is by communicating. We welcome your communication via email or in person when we are on campus. We will be on campus throughout this school year and look forward to getting to know you.

We have great confidence in the administrative team that Denver Christian School has in place. We have worked with them throughout the summer and we know they lead DCS well.

Our Spiritual Emphasis Theme this year is CommUNITY (n.): together in unity
Ps. 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.

Throughout the year in chapels, devotions, and class discussions, we will be focusing on CommUNITY – together in unity. We will also have focuses by terms.

Fall Term Focus: School CommUNITY
Winter Term Focus: Local CommUNITY
Spring Term Focus: Global CommUNITY

Please carefully review the Family/Student Handbook carefully as it provides you with the details that we need in order to have a terrific school year together.

Another way of growing together in CommUNITY is by worshipping together, therefore, we welcome you to join the DCS CommUNITY in chapel each Thursday morning whenever you are able. We also welcome you to pray alongside us during this school year as we seek the next leader for Denver Christian School.

We, Jim Hofman and Glenn Vos, are together functioning as the Interim HOF for Denver Christian this year. We will be serving the school throughout the year in approximate 2 month cycles, so one of us will be available at all times. With over 90 years of Christian school administration between us we are excited to guide DCS in discovering the next leader for Denver Christian School.

We expect that God has prepared an amazing year ahead for Denver Christian. We are honored to be experiencing it together with you in CommUNITY.

Jim Hofman and Glenn Vos
Interim Head of School

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