It is with great joy that we welcome each Denver Christian School family to the 2018 – 2019 school year. We look forward to this year being a time of growth for your child’s faith, their relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as their knowledge. We look forward to partnering with the DCS administrative team, […]

Denver Christian Board of Trustees

Denver Christian Board of Trustees Letter

Dear Denver Christian Community,   As you know, we are in a time of leadership transition.  We realize that change can be scary and brings anxiety and uncertainty with it.  As a Board, we care deeply about Denver Christian and we recognize that we have the privilege of leading this school and community into a […]

BRINGING HISTORY TO LIFE – 5th Grade Colonies Plan Their Settlement In The New World

Fifth grade Teacher, Dave Byma, is excited about social studies. How does he share that enthusiasm with his students? He combines project based learning with creativity to inspire students to think more deeply and understand what may have occurred during a period of time in civilization. Recently, Mr. Byma introduced a Colonies project to the […]

Engaging World Cultures Seminar Series

The High School Seminar Series

CREATING TOMORROW’S LEADERS….TODAY DC’s Seminar Series Is a True Distinctive Giving Students Opportunities to Answer Some of Life’s Most Engaging Questions. The Seminar Series at Denver Christian began 14 years ago with Senior Seminar which focuses on the question:  “How should we as Christians engage in our culture?”  Since then the program has grown to […]

Denver Christian State of the School – November 2017

Denver Christian School State of the School Update Each Fall, DC CEO Todd Lanting takes the opportunity to update the community on all that is happening in and around Denver Christian School. We are blessed with a growing and thriving school with amazing students, staff and families! Denver Christian School: State of the School November […]

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Preschool Schedule & Payment Plan

Half Day runs from 8:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Full Day PreK runs from 8:20 AM to 3:15 PM.

3-year olds, 2 mornings T/F: $2,360 ($236/month on 10 payment plan)
3-year olds, 2 mornings M/W: $2,360 ($236/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 mornings T/Th/F: $3,235 ($323.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 full days T/Th/F: $5,595 ($559.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 5 full days M-F: $9,725 ($972.50/month on 10 payment plan)

Education Fee*: $100 (Education fee for class activities and field trips)