Lyette Olson

Primary Role at DC: Elementary - 5th Grade
Year started at Denver Christian: 2018

Education/Degrees Held: BA in Elementary Education with minor in Special Ed., Whitworth University, teaching since 2007.

Mrs. Olson grew up in Walla Walla, Washington and moved to Colorado after graduating from Whitworth University. This will be her eleventh year teaching and is so excited to join the DC community along with her own children (grades Pre-K and First). Mrs. Olson feels lucky enough to have been introduced to Denver Christian through her husband, who is an alumni. She spent 10 years teaching in public schools and knew she wanted to join a school with a strong Christian background. She is excited to teach at Denver Christian to help students excel in all areas in life. She loves to teach so that she can inspire students to look at the world differently through academics and personal experiences. It is amazing to watch students grow throughout the year and watch the discoveries they make in their learning each day. She loves to spend time with her husband and our two children, Cedric and Quinn. You can often find her out walking the neighborhood, visiting the zoo, and hiking in the mountains. They visit Walla Walla often to get their fix of small town life and family time. Whenever she can, you can also find her reading, eating ice cream, and playing games with friends.

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Preschool Schedule & Payment Plan

Half Day runs from 8:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Full Day PreK runs from 8:20 AM to 3:15 PM.

3-year olds, 2 mornings T/F: $2,420 ($242/month on 10 payment plan)
3-year olds, 2 mornings M/W: $2,420 ($242/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 mornings T/Th/F: $3,315 ($331.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 3 full days T/Th/F: $5,735 ($573.50/month on 10 payment plan)
4-year olds, 5 full days M-F: $9,970 ($997.00/month on 10 payment plan)

Education Fee*: $100 (Education fee for class activities and field trips)

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