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Every Student, Every Day, Safely

Now that we have our students in the building, we continue to monitor how well we are executing our plan. As you will see below, we take the “Every Day” portion of our plan seriously. We measure four data points, every day and every morning, a report is sent to all our staff to let them know where we are doing well and areas that need to improve.

Daily Data Points:

(1)The percentage of students who bring in their wellness cards each morning (keep in mind, if a student forgets, they do receive a wellness check before they enter the building and receive a wellness card to hand into their homeroom teacher):  Our goal set at the beginning of the year was that 95% of families turn in their wellness cards each day, and we have currently met this goal each week!We also are tracking daily (2) the number of staff that did a wellness check upon entering the building, (3) the number of times the leadership team has to remind staff to mask up during the day if they aren’t physically distanced, and (4) the number of times the leadership team has to remind students to mask up if they aren’t physically distanced.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines so you understand what guidance DC will be pursuing should a student or staff member become sick. Each situation would be considered on a case-by-case basis, and our leadership team will consult with JeffCo Health Department to determine next action steps and necessary contact tracing.

Below are some helpful docs that go into deeper detail regarding our Reopening Safety Plan:

Most up-to-date FAQ for our Reopening Plan (this is a dynamic doc)

Filtration and Surface Cleaning Plan

COVID-19 Guidance for Cases and Outbreaks in Schools (Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment’s guidance document)

Educational Programming

This document communicates the details in connection to our reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  The FAQ above is a dynamic document to reflect the most current information and guidelines offered by our state and local health agencies.

What are the current options DCS will be offering for Fall 2020?

We plan to have all students safely on campus every day in compliance with any issued state restrictions. DCS has implemented comprehensive safety measures to execute this option.

What might cause DCS to go to a contingency plan?

  • State-mandated change (for example, fewer students allowed per classroom).
  • Student/Staff illness may close the building for a period of time for deep cleaning.
  • The following plans are using the information we have now, which are subject to change based on the health department and governmental mandates.

With the additional interest in enrollment at Denver Christian, some of you might be wondering if we will exceed our class sizes. Will you be exceeding these class size limits?
No. Smaller class sizes are important to Denver Christian. As we enroll new students for the upcoming school year, we will be maintaining our published class size. The published class size includes the total number of students learning at school and e-learning at home.

If my child begins the year with the e-learning option, will he/she be able to switch to the on-campus option mid-year (or vice versa)?

Yes. Please contact your principal to talk through this transition.

Will DCS be having chapels this year?

At this time, we do not anticipate being able to gather together in large groups, such as our weekly chapels. We will still provide chapel opportunities (for example, at the classroom level), but it will look different to start in compliance with state guidelines.  At this time, most chapels are held live-streaming to our homerooms on Thursday mornings.

What is DC doing to allow for smaller group sizes and less exposure?

Elementary students will be spending most of their “inside our building” time with their homeroom (cohort) group, with most class sizes between 15-18 students.  This includes instruction time, Specials and lunch, which will be eaten in their classrooms.  We are allowing for homerooms to travel to our Specials classrooms (art, PE, music, band, library and STEM) so that students are not spending all of their time in one room, but they’ll be doing this with their “cohort” groups.   Time has been given for our Specials teachers to sanitize their rooms in-between groups of students.  

While in the classroom, elementary students will be moving around so that they are not sitting at their desks all day.  When at their physically-distanced desks, they don’t have to wear face coverings.  When not physically distanced (circle time, reading groups, etc) they’ll pull up their face coverings.  Homerooms will have assigned bathrooms they should use during the day. 

Will DCS be offering Fine Arts performances this year?

We anticipate offering Fine Arts performances. However, we will determine details of the performance, including audience size, closer to the individual events in compliance with the most current state guidelines. We are set up to use NFHS video technology to live stream performances if necessary.

Will DCS have middle school and high school athletics?

Yes, we are planning for full athletics for the 2020-2021 school year. The athletic administrators are following the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) guidelines, and the most recent statement is that “CHSAA staff will begin constructing safety and implementation guidelines to resume ‘ALL’ athletics and activities, including football, beginning this fall.” We are set up to use the NFHS video technology to live stream athletic competitions if necessary.

Will DCS offer Before and After Care?

At this point, we will be able to offer Before and After Care in compliance with our current licensure.

Will Denver Christian be adjusting its starting and ending date?

At this time Denver Christian will not be changing its start (August 20) and end date (May 28.)  While some schools in the area may choose this option we feel it is not necessary due the fact that DC has the capacity to have all of its students on campus from the start.   Should this change, we would notify you immediately of this adjustment.

Safety Procedures

How are we making our decisions?

The DCS leadership team continually monitors information from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Jefferson County Public Health, and Governor Polis. The leadership team meets regularly to ensure our plans are using the most current information available.

What is the plan to allow students to attend school on campus safely?

  • See Safety Plan Checklist for further details
    • Partnership with families – We will be requiring all staff and students to complete and turn-in a Wellness Card (including a temperature check) each morning before entering the building.
      • The student’s temperature should be 100.4 or lower.
    • Physical distancing will be required in the classrooms and all learning spaces.
    • Face coverings will be required in common areas, such as hallways, bathrooms, and the playground.
      • Face coverings will be provided to all students and staff. Click here to view an image of the face-covering we will be handing out.

How are you keeping bus riders safe?

How are you keeping students safe during campus arrivals and departures?

How are you keeping students safe during passing periods?

During passing periods, students will need to wear face coverings. DCS will be intentional when creating daily schedules to minimize the number of students in the hallways during passing periods, but as an additional precaution, students will wear face coverings while moving around in the hallways.

How are you keeping students safe when in common spaces on campus?

How will students be physically distanced while learning in the classrooms?

  • Classroom Safety Plan
  • Will teachers be required to wear face coverings while teaching?
    • At this point in time we are planning on our staff wearing face coverings when physical distancing is not possible.

Will visitors and volunteers still be able to come on campus?

Yes. In addition to all staff and students being required to record their Wellness Card; we will also ask all visitors and volunteers to do a health screening in the lobby before entering the building. This will happen as part of the check-in process with Lobby Guard.

What will the lunch schedule look like when we return to school?

At this time, we are planning to create a schedule which would allow for physical distancing with our students in the dining hall. There may be certain grade levels in elementary that will eat in their classrooms until physical distancing requirements have been lifted.

COVID-19 Health

This is where a strong partnership between families and DCS is so important.  If students are showing symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19, we ask that you take extra precautions before allowing your child on campus.  Please follow the guidelines below, but also be in close communication with our administrative assistants.

Elementary Administrative Assistant – 303-763-7920
MS/HS Administrative Assistant –  303-763-7922

Will teachers and/or students with symptoms be required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to school?

Yes, individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will need a doctor’s note or negative COVID test result prior to returning to DCS (in compliance with HIPAA).

Will we need to contact the school if our child or member of household tests positive for COVID-19?

The healthcare provider is required to notify the child’s school in the case of a positive COVID-19 test result. We also ask that you notify DCS when either the student and/or household member tests positive. We will work with those families if transition to our e-learning platform is needed.

What should I do if my child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19?

Notify the school.  DCS will consult with our school nurse consultant to further advise you on what will be required.

Will there be quarantined spaces for individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms at school?

Yes, DCS has designated short-term quarantine rooms for individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms while waiting to be picked up by a parent or emergency contact.

Financial Questions

How do I access Emergency funds to help meet my tuition obligations should they be needed?

What will tuition be in the upcoming year?

The tuition amounts are as published in your enrollment agreement. The 2020-2021 tuition will not be adjusted for possible changes in educational programming options as we will continue to provide high-quality education regardless of the programming option.

Will tuition be adjusted if we experience sporadic closures?

No, as all options listed above, our students will receive their full DCS education and support even if a return to e-learning is mandated by the state.

Contact Information