Run for Funds

run_funds_17Run for Funds is a fun and active way for Denver Christian School students to participate and contribute to the school’s “Grow With Us” Capital Campaign effort. 100% of donations to Run for Funds directly benefit this effort to pay down the school’s athletic fields construction debt.

What do Run for Funds contributions benefit?

Denver Christian School was able to build and open an athletic fields complex this school year so that our students could use it NOW and reap the benefits of world-class athletic facilities for physical education and athletic competition. We are now working to pay down the construction loan associated with that amazing project. Over time the school can adequately do this, but we recognize the benefit of being able to pay the debt down quickly in order to free up capital to reinvest in things such as tuition assistance, innovative educational curriculum, technology in the classrooms, and exceptional faculty.

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Run for Funds

  • After submission you will be directed to a PayPal page which you will be able to make your donation at this point. Thank you for your donation toward "Run for Funds"!