Music Program

The vocal music programs at Denver Christian School inspire all musicians to bring beauty to the world and to glorify God through sound.

Kindergarten through fifth grade students are involved in compulsory music classes that teach them about a variety of instruments, international cultural groups, rhythm, history, and language.  Sixth through eighth grade students are taught to read music through a choir program where students learn topical songs that culminate with a community choir concert three times a year.

High school students are given the option to choose to develop skills in the area of music.  A concert choir program is offered to all high school students and an auditioned choir, DC Singers, is available to students who want a more advanced study with more performances and more complex music.  High school choir students perform in regular community performances and are invited to perform for other school activities throughout the year.  DC Singers also are invited to join the band program for a performance-oriented trip every other year and are encouraged to try out for All State Choir.

Studying music at Denver Christian School equips students with confidence, technical skill, independence, reading and listening skills, and knowledge of music history, theory, and literature.