Drama Program

As one of the fine arts, drama is immediately associated with its final product: the performance.  But at Denver Christian School, we believe that what can be seen when the curtain rises is only part of a much bigger picture.

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Drama is a powerful, brain-compatible learning medium, through which students are exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities in literature, history, and human relationships. Studying drama helps students to develop confidence, vocal delivery skills, and physical poise, all of which are beneficial wherever their future points. Preparing a play also offers opportunities to learn teamwork, patience, time management, and how to rise to a challenge. At Denver Christian, students are inspired to engage in an atmosphere of Christ-honoring creativity, mutual support and fun!

Drama is introduced in the elementary school in the regular curriculum, through Christmas and Easter musical productions, aimed at letting the younger students learn simple lines and songs.  The students gain confidence by being on stage and performing for their community.  Once students reach middle school, they are ready for more responsibility and have  the chance to audition and perform in drama and musical performances as an after-school activity.  High school students have the opportunity to explore more challenging complex productions, performed twice a year, which also include back stage and sound and lighting experiences.