Service Learning: Connecting to the Marginalized

Throughout the school year, Denver Christian School looks for meaningful opportunities to connect our students to people outside of their day-to-day world.  Our staff develops service opportunities that allow God to teach students something about His world while building bridges to His people.  Not only do we want to tell our students to be involved in the redemptive work of Christ’s Kingdom here, we also want them to experience it for themselves.

Denver Christian students have served by:

  • Creating and decorating placemats to encourage weary prisoners
  • Collecting socks and t-shirts for Open Door Ministries
  • Visiting residents in nursing homes
  • Contributing to a Thanksgiving food drive for DeNUM
  • Collecting  items for the 8th grade service trip to Rehoboth, NM
  • Helping the staff at ReNew, Denver Christian’s upscale resale shop
  • Serving at The Table, an urban farming ministry in Denver
  • Tutoring Hope Buddies, a program partnering with inter-city youth.

A great example of the kind of deeper service learning experiences Denver Christian offers occurred when seven DC high school students and two teachers traveled to Sierra Leone in Africa, 5,000 miles from Denver.  They had been invited to “Come and See.”  Come and see what?  Come and see what God has been doing in Sierra Leone. Then they were told: “Go home! Go home and tell what God is doing!”  They have stories to tell.  Ask them, listen to them, be blessed by them.