Mentorship: Jesus as our Example

Since Jesus taught people and led through discipleship, Denver Christian School takes His example seriously and believes students will grow spiritually when someone walks alongside them intentionally.  Our staff has many opportunities to mentor students throughout the school day.  In many cases, this is the favorite part of their job!  With small class sizes, staff members are able to build relationships that last many years.

As a part of our chapel program, older students gather in faith groups on occasion with parents and teachers leading a discussion, Bible exploration, or time of prayer.  We pray that the Holy Spirit works through our mentors as they live and speak authentically of their own spiritual walk.  Also monthly throughout the school year, many of our high school students mentor a dedicated elementary school “buddy” from Center of Hope Academy through art and science lessons.

Through our one-campus model, our older students can serve as mentors for our younger students.  Classes may pair up and have “book buddies” for the year.   Certain activities lend themselves to needing the help and guidance of older students providing a chance for unstructured mentoring relationships.  Our counseling and Extend Program staff can identify these opportunities and facilitate the pairing of a student mentor with a student who could benefit.