Discipleship Program


093Imagine your elementary child, known and loved as a unique and precious child of God, hearing daily the good news of the gospel, celebrated and guided by caring Christian teachers.

This is your child’s faith walk at Denver Christian School.

Imagine your middle school child, growing and thriving in a unique environment, where experienced teachers guide and encourage young adolescents as they learn to live out an increasingly personal faith in an increasingly complex world, and as they work together to build a vibrant and authentic faith community.

This is faith formation at Denver Christian School.

Imagine your high school student—one day, your high school graduate. Who is that person, that child-turned-adult, ready to move on to college and life?

Our goal is that your Denver Christian School graduate is thoughtful and honest about self and God, knowledgeable and wise about the world and the choices it offers, prepared to live out a personal faith and eager to increasingly participate in bringing about the change in the world that God desires.

This is the goal of spiritual development activities at Denver Christian School.

Explore some of the unique experiences Denver Christian provides for Discipleship: