School Clubs & Trips


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Denver Christian School provides clubs and trips as way to supplement curricular learning.  These extra-curricular activities help to develop the whole child and guide students in finding their particular God-given gifts. Below are just some of the examples of how your children can become inspired, equipped and engaged through the extensive clubs and trips offered in school and after school at Denver Christian.


Denver Christian Clubs

The Denver Christian staff offers a wide variety of clubs to engage their specific interests.  Some of the clubs available include the following:

  • Chess Club offers elementary and middle school students focused learning of chess skills and opportunities for competitive play.
  • Legos Club gives elementary and middle school students the opportunity to build extensive Lego creations in a group environment, learning building skills and working together in groups for a common goal.
  • Girls on the Run builds physical strength and endurance for elementary school girls through a running development program
  • Arts and Craft Club gives elementary students the chance to explore different media and techniques outside the regular school art curriculum.
  • Guitar Instruction adds to the in-curriculum band program and allow interested students to explore another common musical instrument.
  • Middle School Inventors Club engages engineering-oriented students in creative and innovated project exploration.
  • Drama Performances offer both middle school and high school students giving them the chance to audition for and perform in dramatic and musical performances.
  • High School Speech and Debate develops students skills in public speaking and research, culminates in competition with other local high schools.
  • High School Student Council builds leadership skills through class elections for positions in student government of the high school student body.
  • High School Startup Lab encourages students to explore and build entrepreneurial skills while developing business and marketing lessons.

At Denver Christian School, we believe in developing the whole child and see club offerings as a great way for students to delve into their specific God-given gifts and talents.  Our staff encourages students and parents to approach the staff with ideas for new clubs in the school and seek to partner with them in the development of these specific opportunities.

Denver Christian Trips

Denver Christian School offers numerous off campus learning opportunities for students to grow through travel.  Students learn responsibility, self-control and fundraising techniques as they engage in the process of preparing for and fulfilling their travel experiences.   Some examples of trips that Denver Christian students explore include:

  • An all-student Seventh Grade trip to Id-Ra-Ha-Je, a local Colorado camp where the students perform team-building skills and develop deeper relationships with each other.
  • An all student Eighth Grade Missions trip to Rehoboth, New Mexico which offers students their first taste of a mission experience on an Indian Reservation helping with projects for the Rehoboth Christian School.
  • High School Band and Choir students travel to Disney World or Disney Land every other year to learn through workshops and perform in the park.
  • High School students have the chance to join an educational Field Trip to Washington, D.C. to learn more about government and our nation’s capital.
  • Denver Christian staff members partner with high school students by providing opportunities for month long Summer Mission Trips to place such as Africa, Dominican Republic and Japan.

All Denver Christian School educational, performance and mission trips are planned and guided by the Denver Christian teaching staff with parent chaperones always invited and encouraged to attend.