Fine Arts

We encourage our students to use their God-given gifts in the fine arts to glorify Christ as Lord and Savior. Well-known for our programs in the visual, literary and performing arts, Denver Christian School challenges and enables students to pursue excellence.  By exploring many different artistic mediums and theories in art classes, students preschool through twelfth grade gain a complete background in visual art expression.  In creative writing exercises and presentation projects tied to every subject in the curriculum, student develop a knowledge of the written word and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves.  Performance opportunities in band, drama and music abound both in the classroom and in after-school activities which allow students to learn and grow in performance arts.

Visual Arts

Our elementary art teacher sees God in everything and often engages students to use recycled materials to create new things.  We understand that each child will produce art in his or her own way, and therefore we celebrate their works as inspired by their creator. In these early years, they are also being equipped, learning art theory and concepts.  Middle school and high school art teachers continue to build on the early concepts, working in a variety of mediums that will culminate in a high school senior synthesis project.

Explore some examples of our visual art projects throughout the grade levels:


Creative Writing

Creative writing skills are explored beginning in preschool with simple poetry expression.  In kindergarten, our students are writing personal narratives.  As they grow, they learn to express themselves through the written and spoken word. By high school, writing skills are fine tuned, while faith continues to be integrated, as they explore biblical and other world views.  We equip our students in High School to develop a response to what they hear in the world around them.  We inspire them to think for themselves, and to support that thinking with critical insight expressed in their writing assignments.  Students of all ages have a multitude of opportunities to share creative writing with others through publishing in house, entering competitions, poetry readings, and art festivals.

Explore some examples of our creative writing projects throughout the grade levels:
  • Detached By Baylee, Class of 2014 (Now at Baylor University)
  • Agnes by Emily, Class of 2014 (Now at Seattle Pacific University)
  • Possess by  Mariah, Class of 2015
  • Eventide by Blake, Class of 2015
  • Lies by Clarrisse, 7th Grade
  • Gossip by Kaitlyn, 7th Grade
  • Imagery Poem by Katherine , 7th Grade
  • Beauty by Savannah, 7th Grade
  • Poems by our 6th Grade Class

Performing Arts

Students at Denver Christian are inspired to perform from their earliest years.  Standing up and presenting their written work in class, performing in reader’s theater, leading chapel, and engaging in poetry readings are just some of the ways elementary students experience the performing arts.  Our middle school and high school students have performing arts built into their daily curriculum through the band and choir programs with school-wide performances scheduled several times a year.  Students can also explore the performing arts at a deeper level through the drama program with theatrical performances, including dramas and musicals, that are presented in the fall and spring for the entire community.

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