“My faith is the center of my life”

Kaylee Natelborg fused her thoughts and experiences together by building a mosaic table in which each color represents an integral part of her life.  You’ll find the same color code in a coordinating scrapbook, depicting specific ways people, especially her family, have supported her spiritual and academic growth.
“I placed the yellow tiles of the  mosaic  in the middle to represent that  my faith  is the center of my life.” -Kaylee

As she reflected on the yellow tiles, Kaylee described how she saw God most clearly during a mission trip last summer.  She traveled to Sierra Leone with a small team of faculty and students from Denver Christian.  They went as “learners”, not “teachers” and were deeply impacted by the faith, lifestyle and joy of the people they visited.  How I wished I could have been along on that experience!  Kaylee will be attending Dordt College in Iowa next fall and looks forward to the opportunities she has to live in a different state, experience life in a dorm and meet new people.  Her work teaches us all to see our lives as a complex mosaic.