“I am an image bearer of God”

What does a fusion of 13 years of spiritual discipleship and academics, combined with meaningful reflection look like?  Denver Christian Seniors worked to answer that question this year through their creative senior syntheses.  Come take a peek at their excellent work.
Hillsong’s “Ocean” inspired Emily Hansum’s unique wave display incorporating jars with artifacts from her journey ‘deeper’.  I grabbed one artifact, unrolled the papers and read two short pieces depicting her personal experience of climbing Mt. Evans.  I could see glimpses of her writing potential as a freshman, but I was moved with emotion as I read her rich and reflective language as a senior.

“I am not what college I go to, how much money I make, or the man I marry. I am an image bearer of God, incapable of understanding his beauty but capable of reveling and worshiping him in it.” -Emily
As we spoke, I loved how authentically Emily shared the impact teachers had on her personal growth. Mrs. Zeitse stretched and inspired her to write in a different style than she was used to – analyzing an article, short vignettes, poetry and reflections were some of these writing avenues.  Mrs. Micikas encouraged her to become more articulate and find her voice through the use of oral exams in Biology.  And Mr. Homan challenged her to read a book in Apologetics that was not part of the assigned reading.  Had he not risked the opportunity to challenge Emily individually, she believes she may not have grasped the value of going beyond requirements for the sake of learning.  She thrived academically under this unique and individual teaching.
Emily hopes to be stretched outside her comfort zone, especially involving faith conversations, as she heads off to Seattle Pacific University in the fall.  She is eager to be immersed and engaged in a different urban community.  Imagine the “depths” to which God will take her as a result of the work He has already begun in her!