Girls Golf – A New Opportunity to Revive a Proud Tradition

If you look in the Denver Christian sports archives, you’ll find a vast array of awards. From wrestling to football, DC has a history in almost every sport, and girls golf is no exception. In the early 2000’s, girls golf thrived. They won multiple awards, including a 2nd place team finish in the DPS City Cup. Sadly, the sport teetered off due to lack of interest. But, for the past several years, lovers of golf at DC have tried to revive this proud tradition. For this to happen, multiple things needed to be accomplished.

First of all, they needed an enthusiastic coach who would be able to lead a new team. Coach Brett Chalmers has a deep passion for the sport of golf and for DC students. He has been coaching boys golf at DC for 3 years, and has worked hard to get a girls team going. It is no surprise that he was able to accomplish this; he is revered by many DC students for his hands-on teaching and care for each individual.

They also needed a solid group of committed girls to get the program started. Brittany Luinstra and Hayden Postumus were key pieces for the team. They eagerly participated in the boys team, looking forward to playing for a girls team. They set an example and encouraged others to join. This gave Coach Chalmers confidence for the future of the sport.

Finally, they needed financial support. Coach Chalmers has worked along with the boys team to fundraise for the girls team. For example, last year, they volunteered their time to work for BMW Tournament, making money and enjoying the professionals play as well. The girls team has also received numerous individual donations from people dedicated to bringing back girls golf.

Now, the dreams of many people have come to fruition. Brittany Luinstra, Hayden Posthumus, Hayoun Lee, April Burgos, and Ruthy Gerstenberger make up the exciting new team. Although many of them are new to the sport, they are quickly learning to swing the club like veterans. Right now, the five girls are learning swing fundamentals in the gym, but they will soon hit the course to expand their skills.

With the support and prayers of the DC community, girls golf at DC can be a tradition continued for years to come. Come out and support our girls in their first tournament at Foothills Golf Course on May 12!

Written by Jacob Kortenhoeven