First Annual Auction

In the fall of this school year, Denver Christian hosted its first annual auction in our new gym.  This was an event which required much planning and coordination to make it all come together on the night of November 7th.  In order to make this happen, we formed a committee of over 20 parents, utilizing the unique gifts and talents that each person brought to the group.  One great thing about this committee was that many new parents joined and contributed time and ideas, allowing for community-building with other parents that have been at DC for years. Our goal was to highlight the addition of the gyms to the school, and with creative decorating, the gym was transformed into a beautiful setting for our event that night.

Our community was generous in donating items for this event, and we were able to auction fabulous vacations, sporting event tickets, nights on the town, and other items such as homemade quilts and crafts for the home.  Multiple businesses and restaurants donated items for our auction, including restaurant gift cards which we were able to use in our Restaurant Row.  Our DC families donated varied bottle of wine to create a fun wine pull. One of the most precious parts of the auction was the elementary class projects, which were unique, creative, and truly showed the spirit of the kids and this school.  These items will be treasured for years to come.

For the first time in school history, DC moved into the mobile bidding world, and all of our guests were able to bid electronically on the wide assortment of items for sale that night.  This created a fun environment, and also allowed for great interaction between the guests. We were able to solicit multiple food donations to have a beautiful assortment of desserts to sample throughout the night, and we were able to provide donated drinks to accompany these sweets.  Looking around the gym that night, we would see groups of people talking, laughing, examining the items, and having a great time.

At the end of the night, 250 guests were pleasantly surprised to see that the total funds raised during this event surpassed $100,000. How amazing it was to see that number come up on the screen!  In the end, the total proceeds of the event exceeded $115,000, and every dollar of this goes to our school, our children, and our teachers.  What an amazing and worthwhile cause!  We owe a large part of this success to our multiple sponsors, our amazing set of volunteers, and the wonderful community who came to support Denver Christian that night.  This was truly a great first annual auction.