Encouraged to Think Creatively

I could tell right away that Jenna Van Donselaar had incredible artistic gift.  Her Senior Synthesis comprised of 3 canvas paintings of a girl at different life stages and a journal exploding with thoughts expressed through images and poetic language.
“In High School, I was  encouraged to think creatively,  and to come up with the best  way to do something even if it  wasn’t the way everyone else  was doing it.” -Jenna
As I held the journal in my hands, Jenna told me about the World map on the cover.  She felt that her schooling years were about the individual, being inspired and equipped, preparing her to engage the world upon graduating.  Each page I turned brought deeper meaning to Jenna’s unique character.  About halfway through the journal was a beautiful painting of a character from Dead Poet’s Society.  She smiled as she told me about painting that page with coffee!  She recalled watching the movie in two different classes and being impacted by something different each time.
Creative reflection and artful expression were not the only areas of growth for Jenna during her years at Denver Christian.  When she was assigned a research paper Freshman year, she literally thought: ‘Oh no, I can’t do that!’  She realizes that her ability to put thoughts on paper has improved tremendously.  The reason for doing homework became clearer and she learned to put more thought into assignments.
“I used to go through the motions for projects but now I’m not satisfied if  the finished project isn’t a good reflection of who I am.” -Jenna
Jenna’s paintings and journal were certainly a good reflection of who she was and I walked away feeling so grateful that she shared it with me.
Synthesis is defined as the combining of the elements of separate material or abstract entities into a unified entity.  These four seniors challenged and inspired me through their synthesis of life experiences, school and spiritual growth.  Thank you Denver Christian for the equipping you are doing!  Thank you teachers for the inspirational ways you lead.  And thank you seniors for the ways you have already and will continue to engage the broken world around us.  To God be the Glory!