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Seeing God’s Creation in Advanced Chemistry

Written by Barry Meyer, Advanced Chemistry teacher

My advanced chemistry class is currently studying organic chemistry. To this point we have learned that the chemistry of living things is very complex, yet fascinating as well. There are literally thousands of compounds composing the vast creation surrounding us as well as within our bodies.

Muscles are made of proteins, which in turn are made of amino acids, which are themselves primarily made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. There are twenty different amino acids connected to one another in a myriad of ways, resulting in a multitude of different organic compounds. Insulin, critical to our bodies, to maintain and control blood sugar, is just one of these. The photograph below is a very small portion of a single insulin molecule constructed by my students. There are just fourteen amino acids in our model, whereas an actual insulin molecule has 51 amino acids linked to one another. Our model looks very big and it should for it’s over 10 million times bigger than an actual insulin molecule — much too small to be seen by the naked eye. Yet, in our bodies this miraculous molecule does its duty in our blood stream 24/7. God’s creation is truly wonderful, in both large and, in this case, very small ways.

2016 Track

The 2016 version of the Denver Christian Track & Field Team will be an exciting one to watch. On the Boys’ side we have Senior Nate Hayes returning.  He led the team last year with a 2nd place performance in the Long Jump at the CHSAA State Meet.  He also jumped to 4th place in the Triple Jump.  Coach Paul Lowe (3rd season) is excited to see all the dedicated athletes. Continue reading

Girls Golf – A New Opportunity to Revive a Proud Tradition

If you look in the Denver Christian sports archives, you’ll find a vast array of awards. From wrestling to football, DC has a history in almost every sport, and girls golf is no exception. In the early 2000’s, girls golf thrived. They won multiple awards, including a 2nd place team finish in the DPS City Cup. Sadly, the sport teetered off due to lack of interest. But, for the past several years, lovers of golf at DC have tried to revive this proud tradition. For this to happen, multiple things needed to be accomplished.
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2016 Girls Soccer

The Denver Christian girls soccer team is looking to build on success from a year ago. The girls’ last season ended on a hard-fought 1-0 loss in the state semi-finals. Although last season ended on a frustrating note so close to the final, they cannot help but enter this new season with confidence, knowing how much they accomplished, and can accomplish. They know what they are capable of and look forward to the challenge ahead of them. Continue reading

2016 Baseball Season Begins

The Denver Christian Baseball team is coming off a year of change. New coaches. New field. New players. Often times, change can be hard and learning new things can bring more difficulties. The baseball team’s practice “field” for the many of the first practices was an unused basement room turned batting cage alongside an empty parking lot for throwing. As DC transitions from many campuses and fields to one campus and a construction site, so must the baseball team. Continue reading

5th Grade War Reenactment

This year the students were a part of the Battle of Bennington at Chatfield Park. Denver Christian joined three other schools to reenact this battle. Students were trained as either Americans or Hessians (Germans who fought for Britain). Students practiced commands, marching, hand to hand combat, and firing at enemies to prepare for battle. In the Battle of Bennington, the Americans were outnumbered and were very short on supplies, but the supplies they did have were very precious to them. Continue reading

Colorado Lt. Governor Joe Garcia Hosts Story Time with Denver Christian 1st Graders

Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia and a local McDonald’s owner/operator hosted Denver Christian 1st graders at the McDonald’s located at Wadsworth & Jewell in Lakewood the morning of Thursday, February 11. The event promoted the importance of early childhood literacy and celebrated the fact that McDonald’s is putting books in the hands of thousands of Colorado kids through their Happy Meal book program.

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DC Kits for Kids

“I want to thank you for all of your efforts with the Kits for Kids drive at Denver Christian. You have an amazing school and your students do an exemplary job of living up to a code and standards that are clearly respected!  I know that you and the staff are very proud of them as well as you should be. I am so appreciative of the kits that the students packed. Thank you for inspiring them and for your guidance. Trust me when I say that I know it wasn’t easy but you made it look so. I have set aside all of your kits so that when they are processed I can keep tabs on them to let you know what country or countries they are delivered. I hope that our paths cross again.” Julie King, Director of Kits for Kids Programs at Project C.U.R.E. Continue reading

First Annual Auction

In the fall of this school year, Denver Christian hosted its first annual auction in our new gym.  This was an event which required much planning and coordination to make it all come together on the night of November 7th.  In order to make this happen, we formed a committee of over 20 parents, utilizing the unique gifts and talents that each person brought to the group.  One great thing about this committee was that many new parents joined and contributed time and ideas, allowing for community-building with other parents that have been at DC for years. Our goal was to highlight the addition of the gyms to the school, and with creative decorating, the gym was transformed into a beautiful setting for our event that night. Continue reading