Community Life

As Director of Community Life at Denver Christian School, I would like to welcome you to our community.  As you learn more about us, I hope you will discover that community is a big part of who we are.  We truly believe in the partnership that is formed between home and school.  As parents, you can expect your child’s teacher to support and enhance the values and characteristics you have established in your home.  You will find teachers who not only inspire and equip their students to learn, but also who pray for and with their students.  At Denver Christian, we emphasize the power of the church, home and school working together to help your child build a biblical worldview – a way of seeing and understanding the world that is firmly rooted in the confession that “Jesus is Lord”.

To accomplish this strong relationship, we encourage parent involvement.  Our Denver Christian Parent Association and Booster Club orchestrate a variety of volunteer opportunities that not only support the mission of our school, but also connect parents in very meaningful ways.  I have been a part of the Denver Christian community for over 40 years as teacher and administrator.  This support and encouragement keeps me coming back year after year.

For more information about Community Life at Denver Christian School, please contact Rich Schemper, Director of Community Life at or 303-733-2421.

Rich Schemper

Director of Community Life