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Dance Your Shoes Off

Denver Christian students “Danced Their Shoes Off” during our October 23rd Faith Teams Chapel. Each student brought new or “gently used” pairs of shoes for Soles for Souls, a global non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.  The organization distributes the shoes directly to people in need. Shoes that are more than “gently” used can be recycled and even used to power hospital generators in poor and disadvantaged communities.

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United By Love

Denver Christian students joined together on one unified campus for the first time since 1952, under the Spiritual Emphasis Theme, “United By Love.” Brad Corrigan, a former DC student, led worship for the hundreds of students, parents, grandparents and partners who attended this historic convocation, or “coming together”, on September 4th.

CEO Todd Lanting exhorted the community to write the words of Colossians 12:6-13 on their hearts. While there may be temptation to be proud of God’s gift of a beautiful new campus, Lanting cautioned the community to “make sure that you’re known for is clothing yourself in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” God can use a community in powerful ways, he said, if they are known for forgiveness and love. Lanting called these verses “DC’s new dress code in 2014.” Continue reading

Five Perspectives

As I came upon “Five Perspectives” I was struck by the combination of technological and emotional intelligence in James Jee’s synthesis summary.  “Five Perspectives” invites us to consider how we see ourselves.  From one position, the screen in the center projects the subject from five different angles.  The screen could be switched from each perspective.  It helped me to see my flawed view of myself, God’s view of me (the most precise and undistorted), other people’s view of me (slightly biased and angled), as well as a view of me from the future. “As my faith has grown and I learned different types of perspectives,  I  realized that God has the most clear image of me.” -James Continue reading

Pray for Future Denver Christian Families!

Denver Christian Partners with K-LOVE – and You!

To reach new families in the neighborhood of our school campus, DCS has a radio spot airing on K-LOVE (91.1FM).

Would you pray that those families whom God has planned to join us, would be listening to K-LOVE when our spot airs, and that they would inquire to learn more?

Thank you!

Boys soccer team hit it big with Rehoboth Christian Schools

Mr. Homan and Mr. Dirksen took a group of 10 soccer players to Rehoboth, New Mexico in June 2014. They led a soccer camp each morning for about 90 children. Their afternoons were filled with service projects in the community, ending the day practicing with the Rehoboth Christian School’s soccer team. What a blessing to continue our relationship with this sister school.

Students Serve Cross-Culturally this Summer

High school students participated in two different cross-cultural service trips this June: one domestic and one international. Dr. Kortenhoeven and Mrs. Zietse led a group of 6 students to the Domincan Republic from June 2 – 15. In addition to learning about the Dominican people and culture, the students worked alongside Dominican Christians in a baseball ministry, a Christian preschool, and a social work outreach. They were all amazed by God’s work in the Dominican Republic.


Encouraged to Think Creatively

I could tell right away that Jenna Van Donselaar had incredible artistic gift.  Her Senior Synthesis comprised of 3 canvas paintings of a girl at different life stages and a journal exploding with thoughts expressed through images and poetic language.
“In High School, I was  encouraged to think creatively,  and to come up with the best  way to do something even if it  wasn’t the way everyone else  was doing it.” -Jenna Continue reading

“My faith is the center of my life”

Kaylee Natelborg fused her thoughts and experiences together by building a mosaic table in which each color represents an integral part of her life.  You’ll find the same color code in a coordinating scrapbook, depicting specific ways people, especially her family, have supported her spiritual and academic growth.
“I placed the yellow tiles of the  mosaic  in the middle to represent that  my faith  is the center of my life.” -Kaylee
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“I am an image bearer of God”

What does a fusion of 13 years of spiritual discipleship and academics, combined with meaningful reflection look like?  Denver Christian Seniors worked to answer that question this year through their creative senior syntheses.  Come take a peek at their excellent work.
Hillsong’s “Ocean” inspired Emily Hansum’s unique wave display incorporating jars with artifacts from her journey ‘deeper’.  I grabbed one artifact, unrolled the papers and read two short pieces depicting her personal experience of climbing Mt. Evans.  I could see glimpses of her writing potential as a freshman, but I was moved with emotion as I read her rich and reflective language as a senior.
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