At Denver Christian, we are proud of our praiseworthy history and alumni who have played a vital role in that history…and play an even more vital role in our future! You would think a school with a tenure as long as Denver Christian’s would have an alumni association that was as successful, if not more, than the school itself.

But connecting those dots over the years and having a program with a few stops and starts along the way have kept us from developing an Association that you could be proud of. Until now. We are so pleased to bring back, to give to you, a Denver Christian Alumni Association designed to re-connect you to classmates and our DC community.

In the coming months and years, we hope that you feel the sincerity and commitment to this effort and are inspired to deepen your connections as an esteemed graduate of Denver Christian.

The Alumni News emails will be sent out monthly, and are intended to update you on Alumni happenings, as well as share Denver Christian School events in which you may want to take part. In the fall, we will be introducing a new magazine, The Proclaim, that will serve as the official magazine of Denver Christian School and Alumni Association.

We extend a warm invitation to all alumni to join fellow classmates at any of the gatherings held to promote beneficial relationships and fun for our alumni. You can choose to be involved in one or all of the events, nominate an Alumnus of the Year, update us on your career or family or join the DCAA Committee. There are many ways to connect with fellow alumni and benefit from your Denver Christian alumni status-please take the opportunity to become involved.

We all share the love of Denver Christian, your alma mater. Please feel free to contact the Communications Office for any reason…we are here to serve you.


Nicole Hockin
Director of Communications and Alumni Relations
Denver Christian School