Why Christian Education?

Provided by Christian Schools International


Our Prayer

Everything your child encounters in life—whether at home or away, in church or during the week’s activities, at school or play—sends a message or teaches a lesson. In this world of increasing plurality and relativism, these messages are often contradictory and confusing.

Is it the case that we are called to be excellent and discerning and Christ-like in all that we do? Or, as modern culture preaches, is it the case that “it’s all good,” “anything goes,” and “what’s true for you may not be true for me”?

At Denver Christian School, we emphasize the power of the church, the home, and the school working together to help your child build a worldview—a way of seeing and understanding the world—that is consistent and coherent, firmly rooted in the confession that “Jesus is Lord.”

Benefits of Investment in Christian Education

There are many reasons why investing in Christian education for your child is a good choice for Christian parents. We offer two key reasons.

First, in a Christian school, your child is taught from an explicitly Christian perspective. Curriculum and instruction, in any school, are not faith-neutral. All teaching is shaped by the worldview of the teacher. That worldview either acknowledges and celebrates the God who created and rules the cosmos or it elevates human reason, wisdom, and independence to the place of God. In a Christian school, curriculum and instruction affirm and enrich the Christian perspective that your child experiences at home and at church.

Second, a Christian school provides the opportunity for your child to form deep, positive bonds with Christian teachers and friends. This benefit is important at every age; as the questions your child asks about faith and about God change, so do the level of support and the nature of the guidance he or she needs to increasingly articulate and embrace a personal faith. The opportunity to grapple meaningfully with tough issues of life and faith, in daily conversation with Christian friends and guided and supported by Christian teachers, is of inestimable value as your child grows and matures toward a young man or woman ready for college and for life.


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