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Denver Christian Schools was founded in 1916 to integrate educational excellence with Biblical perspective. Almost a century later we continue to offer an excellent and distinctive Christian education to families in the Denver metropolitan area.  Our PK to 12th grade enrollment of more than 400 students represents more than 100 church congregations. Our average faculty/student ratio is 1:16.

Denver Christian partners with the home and the church to educate “the whole child”—heart, hands, and mind. We have a long-established reputation for academic excellence, and the rigor, depth, and breadth of our curriculum prepare graduates well for college and for life. Because we believe that Jesus is Lord over every inch of our world, all of our classes are taught from a Biblical perspective.

An important Denver Christian distinctive is our commitment to helping all children know with certainty that they are deeply loved, that they are uniquely gifted, and that they belong—they have a special and exciting role to play—in this, God’s world. Service learning opportunities across all grade levels help children understand and embrace their calling to help transform the world for Christ.

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Denver Christian School PK-12 Profile

Denver Christian High School Profile 

Kindergarten and Elementary Years


Elementary Years

Our primary curricular emphases in kindergarten and lower elementary years are reading and math. Our Open Court reading program grounds children’s early reading in a strong phonics base, helps children develop excellent word attack skills, and invites children to enjoy interesting, engaging literature.

Our Envision math program helps children understand how numbers work, builds logic and problem-solving skills, and develops age-appropriate computational confidence and fluency.

Children in grades K – 5 also study science, social studies, language arts, and Bible, and enjoy art, music, and physical education each week. Technology is infused throughout the curriculum and frequent visits to the library and computer lab help children learn to use these important tools to enhance their exploration of God’s world. Fifth grade students may choose to learn to play an instrument and participate in band.

Middle School Years


Missions Trip

Our middle school curriculum continues our strong emphasis on key academic subjects (English, math, science, social studies, and Bible) while continuing to develop knowledge and skills in art, music, and physical education.

Middle school students also enjoy athletics (e.g., soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, and track), band and/or choir, and elect several different Explore classes each year, classes that invite students to investigate a new subject area (e.g., photography, astronomy, i-movies, coding, beads, bracelets, fly fishing, hiking) and/or to develop a new passion or set of skills (e.g., mountain climbing, gourmet cooking).  Explore classes bring novelty, zest, and opportunity to students who are learning more about themselves every day and who are thinking about and getting ready to transition into the busy and challenging years of high school.

High School Years


High School Sports

Denver Christian’s high school program offers rich and varied learning experiences to our students, including more than 90 different courses offered and that are accredited by Advance Ed. Spanning disciplines from English to worldview philosophy, and topics from calculus to C.S. Lewis. Students participate in athletics (with 13 different sports, there is much to choose from), drama, speech and debate, an many also perform in symphonic and/or jazz bands and sing in concert choir and/or DC Singers.

Denver Christian’s graduation rate is more than 99%

An average of 94% of our graduates go on to college and virtually all graduates pursue some form of post-secondary education.

Standardized Test Scores

Denver Christian students in grades 1-8 are tested regularly using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), a national adaptive testing system. High school students are tested using MAP, the PSAT/NMSQT, and the ACT/SAT.

Denver Christian students consistently score one-to-two grade levels above national averages in math, reading, and language arts.

Faculty and Qualifications

All Denver Christian teachers are fully qualified to teach in their areas of expertise: a bachelor’s degree, state certification, prior experience in education, and ongoing professional development are required of all teachers. Our teachers care for your children, pray for and with your children, and challenge every child to grow academically, socially, and spiritually into all that God desires for him or her to be.


Denver Christian School is fully accredited through both Christian Schools International and AdvancEd.

For More Information

For more information about Denver Christian School, please contact the Director of Academics, Dr. Steve Kortenhoeven,, 303-733-2421.