Classroom Accommodations

The Extend program at is designed to support the dignity and uniqueness of individuals with diagnosed learning differences.   We have found that students with learning differences are most successful at Denver Christian when they seek to develop the following qualities:

  • effective organizational habits,
  • intrinsic motivation,
  • self-advocacy skills,
  • ability to self-monitor their work and behavior,
  • willingness to accept advice regarding learning strategies, planning and course selection, perseverance, and
  • willingness to pursue educational therapy outside of the school setting.

As in any private school setting, Denver Christian School is not required to develop or follow Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) or Individual Learing Plans (ILPs). We are willing to consult with educational specialists, psychologists, or other professionals upon parental request. Our desire is to work effectively with parents, teachers and outside sources, in order to provide the best possible learning opportunity for each student.

Specific documentation for high school students: In order to prepare students to receive any accommodations on college entrance tests or in college itself, specific documentation is required at the high school level. To access official accommodations, high school students must provide the results of a psycho-educational assessment that is current (within the last three years), completed by a licensed diagnostician. This evaluation should include a statement of the specific learning disability and how it affects the student. A disability code as specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) is preferred. The evaluation should also include recommended accommodations for the student. A formal accommodation plan (Section 504) can be developed when appropriate.