Extend Program


Extend Program

The Extend program at Denver Christian School works in partnership with classroom teachers and parents to raise awareness of and respond to the range of our students’ learning needs at both ends of the spectrum.  The Extend team collaborates with classroom teachers in identifying and responding to the needs of all learners throughout all of the grade levels.

This process includes the following:

  • providing proactive planning and curricular support for students when appropriate,
  • helping to identify and structure co-teaching opportunities with classroom teachers,
  • facilitating differentiated instruction and classroom accommodations for students with exceptionalities within the regular classroom setting; and
  • serving as a resource and support to parents of students who have diverse learning needs.

Our Staff:

Curricular Support:  Extend is integrated into the curricular design of the preschool-12 Denver Christian School. Students receive these services at varying levels as they progress. Students are identified to receive Extend services through a collaborative process which may include teacher observations, parent concerns, and/or formal assessment with a variety of research-based tools.


Extend Program

Classroom Accommodations:  We provide support and limited classroom accommodations, dependent on the specific needs of the individual.  Accommodations may include, but are not limited to, small-group curricular support, extra time on tests, note-taking support, preferential seating, study skills reinforcement, test preparation and a structured study hall environment.  Specific documentation is required to receive accommodations in high school and beyond.

Our Responsibility:  Denver Christian Schools’ Extend program acknowledges our covenantal responsibility to engage with all Denver Christian students, affirming each student’s gifts and abilities as image-bearers of God. In doing so, we help to equip them with the knowledge and skills required for success in school and in life, while inspiring students with a vision of their place in God’s plan for His world.