Below is list of documents that provide more details for our Academic program:

  • Academic Calendar – The Academic Calendar is the most up to date resource for information relating to the Denver Christian School Academic year, including all of the scheduled holidays and the first and last day of the year.  Click here for next year’s academic calendar.
  • School Profile – The School Profile is a short but complete description of the entire  Academic program at Denver Christian School from Preschool to 12th grade, including testing outcomes and statistics of our Academic performance.
  • High School Profile – The High School Profile contains school profile information more specific to the Denver Christian School high school program, including curriculum, faculty, testing, performance and activities information.
  • Course Descriptions – The Course Descriptions document is a complete listing of all of the curriculum classes offered in the Denver Christian School high school Academic program, including prerequisites and brief descriptions of each class.
  • Graduation Tracker – The Graduation Tracker document is a tool for Denver Christian School high school students that helps them keep track of their required curriculum credits, including the typical college prep track and a more advanced track available to students wanting more challenge.
  • Student Handbook – The Student Handbook is a document that contains all of the rules and regulations that govern the Denver Christian School Academic program as well as details of special annual programs to enrich the student’s experience.

For more information on the Academic program at Denver Christian School, please contact our Director of Academics, Dr. Steve Kortenhoeven at

Steve Kortenhoeven

Director of Academics