As children progress through the elementary years, our focus becomes how to inspire, equip, and engage each unique child.  Teachers recognize, by partnering with parents, the special gifts of each child as well as the areas where a child is challenged.  Active learning helps solidify concepts and inspires children to engage. Scripture memorization reminds children of who they are in God’s sight. By the end of their elementary years, it is expected Denver Christian children will be ready to venture into more self-directed learning because they have gained foundational skills.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are qualified and experienced professionals who find joy in their calling as educators.

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Math Curriculum

The Elementary math program equips students with a strong foundation of math facts while developing problem-solving skills and a full understanding of math concepts.  Students use manipulatives, reflex math, Khan Academy, and other resources to enrich the math curriculum.

Textbooks: Envision Math (Pearson)

Language Arts

The Elementary language arts program begins with a strong phonetic foundation and builds to reading comprehension.  Our students are immersed in a strong literature program at the upper elementary grades through novel studies to help them develop reading fluency and competence.  Spelling and writing complement reading instruction to round out the language arts program.


  • K-2 — Open Court (SRA)
  • 3-4 Houghton Mifflin
  • 5 Novels appropriate for age and reading level

Science Curriculum

The Elementary science program teaches life, earth, and physical science at each grade level. Students are given the opportunity to produce and present student projects through hands-on and laboratory learning experiences.

Textbook: McGraw Hill

Social Studies Curriculum

The Elementary social studies program leads students to an understanding of their community, state, country, and the world.  Lower elementary introduces the students to seeing themselves in relationship to others.  Fourth grade spends the year learning about our great state of Colorado, as well as other regions of the world.  The elementary social studies program culminates in American history in fifth grade, as students participate in a Revolutionary War re-enactment.

Textbooks: McGraw Hill

Bible Curriculum

The Elementary Bible program is solid in theology and Bible instruction, it was developed to ensure a strong and lasting connection with students. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge they need to understand and believe God’s word, and to reflect that relationship and faith by living lives of gratitude and obedience.

Textbook: Walking with God and His People (CSI)

Technology Curriculum

The Elementary Technology program begins with teaching students computer and keyboarding skills through weekly computer classes.  These skills are then integrated into the core curriculum and classroom learning.  Student laptops, i-pads, and Chrome Books are available and regularly used in every classroom.

Textbook: A variety of learning resources are utilized

Art and Music

The Elementary fine arts program includes art, music, and drama in the weekly academic program. DCS educates the whole child and recognizes the gifts that God has given to students in the fine arts. Students are provided the opportunity to grow in their artistic abilities through art mediums.  Each grade also includes general music, with fifth graders having the opportunity to choose an instrument and join a band. Student work is showcased through art festivals, musicals, choir and band programs.

Physical Education

The Elementary physical education program celebrates movement and its importance in the learning process.  Students are given the opportunity to learn teamwork, athletic skills, and an appreciation for life-long fitness.  Jump Rope for Heart (with the American Heart Association) is an exciting unit that students truly enjoy.  The year culminates with an elementary field day.

Field Trips

The DCS elementary program emphasizes experiential learning through a variety of field trips at each grade, including the Butterfly Pavilion, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), NASA e-mission, Denver Zoo, State Capital, American Revolution Re-Enactment, and theatre productions.

Standardized Testing

Denver Christian knows that standardized testing plays a role in the assessment of our students and our academic program, but we also value instructional time spent in the classroom.  Every student takes the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test every fall and spring.  The results of this national, standardized test demonstrates that our students are performing at one to three grade levels about national averages.  Add link to measuring achievement and


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