Academics Overview

Academics Introduction

academics-classroomSince 1916, Denver Christian has been delivering excellent, Christian education to the Denver metro community.  Over the past century, the educational climate has changed significantly with schools of thought and educational fads coming and going.  Two strengths of Denver Christian School have allowed us to thrive over the years:  first, a strong understanding of the school’s mission and educational philosophy and, second, an experienced and qualified staff.

Our academic program is rooted in our Christian perspective on education.  We believe that God rules over every split second and every square inch of our world, so whatever we study must be done from a biblical perspective.  This happens in every class and at every grade level.

Our teachers are professional Christian educators, experienced and qualified to challenge and support their students.  With an average of 18 years of experience and nearly 50% having a graduate degree, teachers at DCS are well equipped to lead students in learning.

College Preparatory Curriculum

From preschool through 12th grade, a Denver Christian School education prepares students for college.  We know that God may not call all of our graduates to attend college, but a college preparatory program (filled with critical thinking, problem solving, literacy, STEM, and the fine arts) encourages life-long learners, personal development, and active citizenship.  In short, a college preparatory curriculum is the best way to inspire and equip students to engage the world … and that is our mission at DCS.

Measuring Achievement

“Assessment” is the buzzword of the day.  All schools are asked, “How do you know students are learning?”  Denver Christian School knows that students are learning.  Most of our assessment occurs within the classroom, including diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment conducted by the teacher.  However, we also use standardized assessments to check our progress against other schools in the state and nation.  We constantly assess student learning progress without sacrificing instructional time.  Our external (standardized) assessment plan includes the following:

  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) – grades 1-8
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Language Arts
  • College / Career Assessment – grades 9-12
    • Interest Inventories, Personality Tests (grades 9, 10)
    • PSAT (grade 11)
    • ACT (grade 12)

For more information about the Academic program at Denver Christian School, please contact Dr. Steve Kortenhoeven, Director of Academics at or 303-733-2421.

Steve Kortenhoeven

Director of Academics