Inspired Equipped Engaged

Denver Christian School exists to inspire, equip and engage children of Christian parents with Christ’s transforming power and love.

When we think of inspiring children, we think of filling them with the urge to feel or do something.  When we think of equipping, we think of supplying them with whatever they will need to navigate life.  When we think of engaging children, we want them to participate and become involved.  While each of these words are distinct, we cannot separate one activity from the other because while we are inspiring students, they are being engaged and becoming equipped.  While we are engaging them, they are being equipped and inspired.  While we are equipping them, they are being inspired and engaged.  Inspiring, equipping and engaging are how Denver Christian School approaches and embraces the whole child.

A Denver Christian student who is inspired, equipped and engaged will be passionate about learning, determined to excel, eager to serve, academically prepared, personally and culturally aware, spiritually discerning, alert to God’s call, invested in community, and serious about change.

They will be dreaming God’s dreams, learning God’s truth and doing God’s work.