Our History

A Long Tradition

The roots of Denver Christian Schools date back to the organization’s founding when, in 1916, a small group of committed Christian parents and pastors combined their resources to help realize the vision of a Christian day school in the Denver metropolitan area.


First Denver Christian School

From 1910-1916, school sessions were held at The Fleming School.  Then in 1916,  the Florida and Clarkson campus was constructed  and Denver Christian Schools had its first official school campus.  A majority of the classes were initially taught in Dutch.  Admission was open to all members of the community who accepted the school’s policies.

By 1919, Denver Christian Schools had developed a student body of up to 56 students.  The depression did not leave the school unaffected though. Teachers’ salaries were cut and promissory notes were given to the teachers in lieu of  payment, however, they remained dedicated to the school and the education of their students. Despite the hard times of the depression, enrollment in Denver Christian Schools kept increasing.


Denver Christian High School

In the 40’s the decision was made to forge ahead with the development of a high school. In 1945, Denver Christian High School was incorporated into the State of Colorado.  The high school campus on Pearl Street opened its doors in 1950. In 1957 the gymnasium at the high school was opened.  Then in 1959, the Van Dellen School Campus on Warren and Illiff , named after Reverend Idzerd Van Dellen, opened its doors. The school then had 3 campuses.



In 1970, Denver Christian Schools won their first State title in AA Basketball.  In 1976, a preschool class was added to the Van Dellen Campus. Then in 1988, Denver Christian Schools expanded their market into the newly built Highlands Ranch with the opening of the Highlands Ranch Christian School campus of Denver Christian Schools on Dad Clark Drive.


Idzerd Van Dellen

Denver Christian Schools has grown from its humble origins in a small building on Florida and Clarkson streets in Denver, to a three-campus system, to a beautiful new campus in Lakewood that offers an excellent pre-school through 12th grade education to more than 400 students.

Established on the basis of a “three-legged stool” concept of Christian education, Denver Christian Schools affirms a dynamic and effective partnership between the family, the church, and the school as the most Biblical and effective model of education for children of Christian parents. With deep roots in its Reformed vision of life and Christian education, Denver Christian Schools proudly, gratefully, and effectively serves students and families from more than 100 different congregations in the Denver metropolitan area.


Highlands Ranch Denver Christian School

Chronology: Important Dates in our History

1910-1916:  Denver Christian Schools begins to hold classes at The Fleming School

1916: Denver Christian Schools was founded

1916:  Denver Christian School’s own building is opened on the corner of Florida and Clarkson

1945:  Denver Christian High School is incorporated into the State of Colorado

1950: Denver Christian High School opened its doors on Pearl and Evans

1957:  The DC High School Gymnasium is built

1959: Van Dellen Campus opens on Warren and Illif for grades K-6

1976: Denver Christian Schools opens its doors to preschool children

1988: Highlands Ranch Campus opens

1993:  Six additional classrooms completed at Highlands Ranch Campus

2001: Middle School added to Highlands Ranch Campus

2002: Van Dellen Campus extends the program to middle school

2013: Denver Christian’s own Coach Katte named Colorado’s coach with the most wins

2014: All Denver Christian Campuses moved to Teller Street Property. Doors open to preschool through 12th grade students

The Denver Christian Schools Society

The Denver Christian School Society was formed in 1916 when incorporation documents were filed.  Membership in the Denver Christian School Society means holding membership in a not-for-profit corporation called Denver Christian Schools.

Society members include all parents and guardians of currently enrolled students, as well as friends and supporters who are aligned with the mission and philosophy of the school and have donated to the school during the past calendar year. Members of the society are allowed and encouraged to vote in corporate governance matters reserved for members of non-profit corporations under Colorado law. Thus, for example, society members vote for trustees and approve annual budgets.