Ben Kloosterman

"Meeting a student at their level, gives me a great opportunity to connect both academically and personally."

Primary Role at DC: Middle School - Math, Science, and Bible
Year started at Denver Christian: 2010

Education/Degrees Held: BA in Elementary Education from Calvin College. K-8 Science and Math Endorsements
Certifications/Credentials: Professional Teaching Certification, Michigan
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mr. Kloosterman loves to walk along side his students as he guides them to discover how they can engage a broken world and shed some of God's light on it. He challenges them to think outside of the box and to question ideas, forming their own opinions. In his classroom, he encourages students to take risks. They all know that in the classroom their opinions and answers are safe, allowing them to open up and be genuine with their peers. When he is not teaching, Mr. Kloosterman loves to travel, go fly-fishing and spend time in the mountains.