Deanne Dyk

"Mrs. Dyk lives compassion and speaks with gentleness. A welcoming smile is always on her face and she never hesitates to show a student she cares for them. Mrs. Dyk never fails to generously invest her time into her students' lives as their growth takes precedence. She truly radiates the heart of a servant."

Primary Role at DC: Extend Coordinator
Additional Roles at DC: NHS, Standardized Testing Coordinator (PSAT & ACT), Secondary Homeroom Liaison

Education/Degrees Held: BS, Special Education (K-12), Elementary Education (K-6) Calvin College, MA , Curriculum and Instruction, Colorado Christian University
Certifications/Credentials: Colorado State Teaching Credential

Mrs. Dyk’s goal is to help all students develop their God-given abilities. She does this by partnering with classroom teachers to raise awareness of and respond to the full range of student learning needs through differentiated instruction. She helps students to build on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Mrs. Dyk assists students in learning how to become effective self-advocates and integrate self-monitoring skills. She also works with high-ability learners to develop rigorous and engaging strategies to flourish in all classrooms.