Board of Trustees

boardDenver Christian School Board of Trustees bears ultimate responsibility for the well being of the school. The Board promotes the school’s mission, appoints and oversees the school’s Chief Executive Officer, establishes broad policies, plans strategically for the school’s future, and stewards the school’s financial and capital resources. Board members are nominated by the Society and elected by the full board. New board members are selected based upon the immediate and long term needs of the school and for their commitment to the school. The full board meets regularly to receive reports from the CEO, vote on policy governance issues and receive input from the Society.

The Board has three areas of responsibility:

Strategic Guidance
The main purpose of the Denver Christian School Board of Trustees is to set strategic direction and goals, develop an overarching vision for the organization, and supervise the Chief Executive Officer. Our board sets organizational objectives for the CEO, who then translates strategic goals into more measurable and specific tasks.

Ambassadors to the Community
Board members champion Denver Christian School to the community at large, and are responsible for representing the interests of the Society.

Policy Governance
The Board of Trustees functions as a policy-making body for issues such as financial responsibility, compliance with applicable legal guidelines, and Denver Christian Schools’ business dealings. Our board members also create policies governing the appointment and duties of board officers, including the board chair and vice-chair, secretary, treasurer, and vicar, as well as board committees.

The Board delegates operational leadership and accountability to the CEO, and monitors his performance. Under this model, it is the CEO’s role to make the day-to-day decisions and to ensure that the organization meets or exceeds the boundaries and metrics established by the board.

Board of Trustees Members

  • Dan Addink
  • Linda Baumgartel
  • John Carpenter
  • Christian Hutter
  • Alan Natelborg
  • Trevor Nydam
  • Craig Peters
  • Cal VanHeukelem
  • Michael Jewell
  • Debbie Fitzgerald

To Contact Board or DCS Leadership

To ensure questions from the Society are addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible, please use the following as a general guideline. If your questions are about daily operations of the school, please direct them to the appropriate member of the Administrative or Educational Leadership Team. If your questions pertain to the strategic direction of the school or Policy Governance, please address them to the Board of Trustees,

2016-17 Public Board Meetings

  • Sept. 12, 2016
  • Dec. 5, 2016
  • March 13, 2017
  • May/June Society Meeting date TBD

DCS Board Documents

DCS Articles of Incorporation

DCS Bylaws

DCS Guiding Principles

DCS Vision Paper, Sept. 25, 2012

DCS Board Minutes can be found here on the MyDC website.