5th Grade War Reenactment

This year the students were a part of the Battle of Bennington at Chatfield Park. Denver Christian joined three other schools to reenact this battle. Students were trained as either Americans or Hessians (Germans who fought for Britain). Students practiced commands, marching, hand to hand combat, and firing at enemies to prepare for battle. In the Battle of Bennington, the Americans were outnumbered and were very short on supplies, but the supplies they did have were very precious to them. The British had a large army but needed more supplies. The British were sent to raid the town of Bennington for the small stash of supplies the Americans had, since the British thought it was guarded by only a small force. The British were surprised with how many Americans there were and the British lost the battle. The British lost about half of its men that they sent to Bennington.

This was a fun and exciting opportunity for our students to engage in and understand what the colonists did to help give us the freedom that we have today. They were able to understand the hardships of battle and of life that the fighters in the Revolutionary War had to go through day in and day out.

Written by Dave Byma

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